1997 Waterman Carene/CARÈNE Shimmer Sea Garden Green 18K F Fine Nib Fountain Pen France
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Amazing 1997 Extremely Rare Waterman Carene/CARÈNE Shimmer Sea Garden Green 18K F Fine Nib Fountain Pen France Item ID: WAT-040

1997 Waterman Carene/CARÈNE Shimmer Sea Garden Green 18K F Fine Nib Fountain Pen France

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Waterman CARÈNE Sea Garden Green

• Manufacturer/Model: Waterman Paris France/Sea Garden Green 
• Year of production: 1997-1998 
• Filling system: Standard Waterman Cartridges or a Converter  (Original Converter Included)
• Nib: Inlaid 18K 750 Gold F Fine Size - Soft nib 

• Material: Solid Steel/Brass base; Body Thick Lacquer Finish; 23.3K Thick gold plated trimmings
• Length (pen closed): Oversize pen @145mm long; Posted 148mm; 13.5mm thick 
• Condition and information:

We are very proud to offer one of the rarest Waterman Carene pens, the Sea Garden green. This is a pen from the first original series of Waterman Carene pens launched in 1997. This model was made only for very short time, and today its nearly impossible to find, and even less so in such a NOS condition in its original box.

The Waterman Carene pen must be the utmost achievement of the modern fountain pen era. This pen is the most extreme example the perfection in craftsmanship, precision, quality and design, it gives an impression as if the whole pen was made with one swift move of the craftsman's hand. This is the era when Waterman France employed some of the most precision machines in order to make such shapes with perfect precision and fit. With the Waterman Carene pen, Waterman for the first time made an inlaid nib pen, and made a radical design change from their previous models. The pen is truly avant-garde in both looks, appeal, handling, feel and performance. The pen is made out of solid brass base and thick handmade lacquer finish in a deep green marble like look, Waterman calls it Sea Garden. It is difficult to correctly capture on photos, the pen simply shines and has a different look from every angle and gives different appearance on different light. The finish of the pattern seems always new, always unknown, as it calls on the user to constantly examine and look at the pattern. The front section is a very thick black resin on which a special "U" shape nib is inlaid. The black resin section has a brass insert with a thread that connects it to the pen's body, i.e. one of the most vulnerable places on fountain pens, on this Waterman Carene pen is made to be nearly indestructible. One can feel and sense the incredible amount of thought, precision and engineering that went into making these pens.

The Carene pen is a large pen. Posted or not posted the pen will stay in the hand firmly and glide over the paper. The nib is super smooth true F size, but it does not feel stiff or rigid, it is rather a soft nib and feels soft on the paper; it even has some soft touch of flex, so one can experiment by gently pressing while writing to produce even thicker lines. The pen can be used with any Waterman cartridge or a converter - the original one is included. Very easy to clean and maintain. Safe to use and carry, it features a double rubber seal between the body and section, so leaks are unlikely even on an airplane. There's that nice distinct "click" when opening or closing the cap, super precise. All trimmings are 23.3K gold plated; clip, rings, front and rear tip & crown. The pen is in mint condition - NOS, no signs of use and comes in its original presentation box. One of the best Waterman pens ever made on the planet Earth.


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